“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”

– Victor Pinchuk

TRANSHEARTS is about transgender bodies creating images and art works that announce their lives. Through traveling workshops, TRANSHEARTS connects art to the transgender community and encourages them to exercise their creativity in a free and liberal environment.

The project offers opportunities to gender non-binary, gender queer, gender non-conforming and transgender people to participate in art and creativity workshops. We invite them to explore the beautiful process of creating images and stories in a non-judgmental atmosphere. These workshops are offered to the community completely free of cost.

Our art works are re-labelled heart-works to express the relationship between the body creating and the canvas or piece of paper in front of them. These heart-works are about connection. Connection to the self and a connection between the artists and you, our viewer.

Over a 100 transgender identifying people have participated in our TRANSHEARTS workshops so far. In this website you will experience just a selection of heart-works by transgender women from Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Trivandrum, Nagercoil and Kochi. We are always photographing, scanning, uploading and updating so there will more heart-works joining soon.

Identifying the talent amongst the community, encouraging them practice art, investing in their talent, making them as professional artists and changing their lives is one of the objectives of TRANSHEARTS. The heart-works are collected and displayed in traveling exhibitions with all proceeds from sales going to the artists.

The project is founded by transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam. Kalki is herself an artist and she hopes to discover more artists from the transgender community. Through TRANSHEARTS, Kalki aims to reach out to 10,000 transgender people over the coming years and encourage them to make art.

TRANSHEARTS is a project of Sahodari Foundation.