TRANS/HEARTS: Master Artist Hari & Founder Kalki Subramaniam giving a TV interview

TRANS/HEARTS was founded by artist and activist, Kalki Subramaniam in collaboration with her good friend, and artist, Hariparthan Sambandam

Kalki Subramaniam is an activist, artist, author, actor, inspirational speaker and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Sahodari Foundation which works for the social, economic and political empowerment of transgender persons in India. Kalki holds two Masters degrees – Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and Masters in International Relations.

Hariparthan Sambandam, known affectionately in our workshops as Hari Master, has held solo and group shows in Singapore, London and India. He first collaborated with Kalki in a combined art show in Auroville. Soon after Hari joined Sahodari Foundation as an event manager.  Together, Hari and Kalki designed the TRANS/HEARTS workshop program to teach other transgender-identifying people how to express their experiences on paper and canvas. Together, they also set out to find, and nurture, the fledgling talents of the community.

The TRANS/HEARTS workshops are run smoothly thanks to the TRANS/HEARTS facilitators and community managers, Sowndharya Gopi and Kanchana.

Sowndharya and Kanchana
Workshop Facilitators Sowndharya Gopi & Kanchana

Sowndharya Gopi is dancer and artist based in Chennai. She’s a Community Manager of the Sahodari Foundation and facilitator of the TRANS/HEARTS workshops. Sowndharya helps to mobilise our community and with her guidance our workshops are able to extend their community reach.

Kanchana is also a dancer and an artist who assists Sowndharya during our workshops.

Sowndharya and Kanchana are passionate about art and are upcoming artists in their own right. Under the guidance of our TRANS/HEARTS team, the participants of TRANS/HEARTS learn the skills to express their life experiences and their journeys of self-discovery.